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1 on 1 play

1 on 1 play

Finishing-Spin Move

It is extremely common for players to stop drives when a defender steps in front of them.  However, because a defender stops the initial thrust by the driver, does not mean the player cannot get to the basket.

Circle 1 on 1

Here is a great 1 on 1 game for post players.  A coach is positioned at the wing with a ball.

1 on 1 Dribble Out/Sprint Out

Here is a great drill to work on finishing at full speed against a defender. 

3 Player Rush to 1 on 1

This 1 on 1 drill works on several other fundamentals as well player's 1 on 1 skills.  Line the players up along the baseline in three lines as shown in the diagram.

1 on 1 Stops

No defensive skill is more important than guarding the ball. "1 on 1 Stops" is a highly competitive drill that emphasizes this ability.

1 on 1-Back to Offence Drill

Here is a 1 on 1 drill, that when done properly, can help develop several important 1 on 1 skills.