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Pass and Chase Lay-ups

The objective of Pass and Chase Lay-ups is to create a situation where the offensive player must make a lay-up at full speed and for the defender to learn to take away the rhythm of offensive player when shooting a lay-up.

Euro Step

With good defensive play it is very common for defenders to be in proper position near the basket to take charges. For this reason players need to learn to finish in a variety of ways to avoid driving into well-positioned defenders. The "Euro Step" is an effective offensive technique all players should learn.

1 Dribble Lay-up Challenge

Here is a simple competitive drill that works on lay-ups and changing direction. The player begins underneath the basket facing the wing.


Slalom Dribbling

This is a competitive drill that gives the players the opportunity to practice dribbling and lay-ups at a high pace. 

Lay-up Progressions: 2 Step w/o Dribble and w/Dribble

When youth coaches begin teaching lay-ups it's a good idea to use progressions.  In the March '07 issue of the The Coaches Clipboard a drill called "High Five Lay-ups", which is an excellent starting step for teaching lay-ups was detailed.  Below are two more progressions that work well together to teach lay-ups.

Games Approach-"Numbers Dribbling-Passing Game"

It is best for youth coaches to get skill repetition for their players through a variety of games.  A games approach will increase the likelihood of an enjoyable experience for the kids while still achieving the repetition necessary for improvement.