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Combo Drill-Pivot 11

This is a fun, fast paced, competitive game for youth teams that helps improve footwork, ball-handling, and lay-ups.

2 on 1 Inside Finishing Drill

Scoring on the inside is often taken for granted, however this can be very difficult for players particularly vs. a defender challenging the shot. 

Finishing - The Runner

The runner is used when a player is further from the basket than a lay-up and a quick shot is needed off a drive.


1 on 1 Dribble Out/Sprint Out

Here is a great drill to work on finishing at full speed against a defender. 

Agility Run

This is a great drill to combine agility, change of direction and lay-ups.  One chair is placed at each elbow. 

Intensity Lay-ups

"Intensity Lay-ups" is a tremendous drill to include in an individual workout or in station work during practice.  It is a great drill to improve change of direction ability, conditioning, and making lay-ups.