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Passing - 4 Lane 2 Ball Fundamental Drill

4 Lane 2 Ball Fundamental Drill is a great drill to work on running and catching, passing to a moving target, and passing and cutting. O1 and O4 will run the outside lane down the floor as passers.  O2 and O3 move down the inside lanes and will receive passes from O1 and O4. The balls will be passed to O2 and O3 in the middle, they pass the ball back and then cut away from the ball, through the middle, and receive a pass from the other passer. All four players go the length of the floor in this pattern. At the other end of the floor the players switch roles. The basketballs should not hit the floor and the players should not travel.  Initially as players learn the drill you may allow one dribble.  


Footwork - Reverse Pivot

The video clip shows a classic example of a reverse pivot by Brazil's, and the Phoenix Suns', Leandro Barbosa.  As Nike Skills Instructor Ganon Baker says "your feet get your hands in position to make a play"

Footwork - Stop/Rip/Pivot Drill

Great footwork is the foundation for effective offensive play. The ability to stop and pivot on balance, with either foot, while aggressively facing the basket or a defender, is critical for offensive players. 

Post Play-Shot Fake to Step Through

Great post players have great footwork. In the video clip the Russian post player, Andrey Vorontsevich, gives a great example of a shot fake to a step through move. There are several important points the player must execute if the move is to be effective against quality defenders.