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Catch and Go

Catch and Go is a fundamental drill combining footwork and shooting that can be done with all players at one time. 

Crossover Jab

The crossover jab, demonstrated by Canadian Development Team member, Megan Pinske, begins with a crossover dribble and this is immediately followed with a head, shoulders, and jab step towards the side the ball started on. The move is effective because it is, in effect, a double move.

Scoring Move-Double Pivot

The double pivot begins with the player's back to a defender. The player pivots ½-way, shot fakes and then steps further away from the defender to get the shot away. It is effective because the move exploits the tendency of most defenders to rise up or jump on the shot fake. The keys points on the double pivot:

Positioning-Foot Fight

All the post moves in the world cannot help the post player who does not establish position to receive a pass.  A critical fundamental used to establish position in the post is the "foot fight". 

1-2 Stop or 2 Foot Jump Stop

There are two methods of stopping prior to going into a shot: 1-2 stop or a 2 foot jump stop. 

Defensive Play - Crossover Step

One of the old cardinal sins coaches used to preach was defenders were to never cross their feet.