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Dribble the Court Drill

The following dribbling drill reinforces several key components to successful ball-handling: eyes up, dribbler's body between defender and ball, and keeping the ball wide when dribbling.

Jump Stop Drill

The jump stop or 2-foot jump stop is used to help players stop in a balanced position, with the ball, and help prevent a traveling violation.  It can be executed by a player at the end of a dribble or, on the run and receiving a pass.  

Tag and Dribble Tag

Speed expert, Lee Taft called "tag" the greatest game to train athleticism.  Not only is "tag" fun for kids, it also helps train the athletic qualities of speed, agility and quickness. There are also several benefits to the basketball player that can transfer to team play.  Here is a version of "tag" and see if you can recognize how there are basketball concepts that can be developed:

Full Court Pivoting

I have written several times that I believe pivoting is the most under taught skill in basketball.  Footwork is the foundation of the game. The ability to pivot to create passing and driving lanes, and effectively perform against pressure defence, is based on a player's ability to pivot. 

Pick-up and Chase

Most young athletes love pursuit games. "Pick-up and Chase" helps young athletes work on their speed, while dribbling and shooting lay-ups. It also can help them realize the benefits of faking.

Four Corner Pivot Drill

As Nike Skills Trainer, Ganon Baker says "the feet get the hands in position to make plays".  The challenge for coaches of very young player is to find ways to help their athletes work on their footwork in a fun way.