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Post Play-Step and a 1/2

Similar to the Step Through move, which can also be found in the Post Play section of the Coaches Clipboard, the "Step and a ½" adds the drive up of the leg on the shooting side (the ½ step) to the move.   

Decision-Making - 3 on 2 vs. Coach and 1

This is a more advanced decision-making scenario because there is much more for the offensive players to perceive.

Messina Drill

There are a variety of skills that are practiced in the Messina Drill.  Four balls and at least 8 players are needed for this drill.

Improving Defensive Footwork

Here is an idea that Jim Foster, the highly successful women's coach at Ohio State University uses early in the season to get his players to move their feet defensively, rather than using their hands. 

Youth Dev. - Red Light-Green Light

Coach, do you spend time in every practice working on the ABC'S of Physical Literacy?  

Inside Out Dribble

One of the first dribble moves players should learn is the inside-out dribble. In the attached video clip watch how the New Jersey Nets, Devon Harris, executes it perfectly to successfully attack the basket.