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Youth-Movement Skills-Crossover Step

Watch the two clips of Canadian Olympic team member, Teresa Gabriele, executing crossover steps while defending Chinese National team players.

Post Play-Fake Drop Step

Watch first clip of Russian post player, Andrey Vorontsevich, as he executes a great fake drop step, shot fake and step through.

2 on 2 Spanish Closeout Drill

A closeout is one of the most difficult skills in basketball. This drill gives the opportunity for players to get practice closing out under game-like conditions.

Shooting-1-2 Stop vs. 2 Foot Stop

Watch the jump shots taken, by two of the best female point guards in the world, Kristi Harrower, from Australia, and Celine Dumerc, from France. 

Youth Dev.-Ball Tough Series Steps 4-6

In a previous article, we showed Coach Mike Morgan's 1st - 3rd steps in his Ball Tough series - http://bit.ly/xRsCaC .  This article goes through the 4th - 6th progressions

Footwork-Space Pivot

As defensive play becomes more aggressive and physical, players must possess the skill to pivot aggressively and create space, by forcing the defender to back away.  An effective tactic to do this is called a space pivot.