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Youth Development-Improving Passing

Dan Becker, Basketball Manitoba's Technical Director, shared a simple rule he has instituted to improve passing with his Gr. 4-6 basketball players.

Quick Hitter-Bulls

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's National Team ran for a 3 pt. shot against both zone and man to man and is an extremely effective play if you have a good passing point guard.

Passing-Creating Triangles

To be an effective passer, players have to understand how to creates triangles with teammates so passing lanes can be opened.  

Youth Dev.-Receiving Inbounds Passes

Youth coaches can never take anything for granted when teaching their young players the basics of the game. One example is inbounding the ball, throughout the course of a basketball game the ball will be in-bounded frequently from both the baseline(s) and sideline(s).

Youth-Passing-"Pig in the Middle w/Cutters"

When very young players (6-9 year olds) play any type of basketball game, from 2 on 1 to 5 on 5 (though 5 on 5 is not recommended for this age group), it soon becomes very evident that passing is a challenge for them.

Combo Drill-Pivot 11

This is a fun, fast paced, competitive game for youth teams that helps improve footwork, ball-handling, and lay-ups.