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Ball Handling - Split

This is a great drill to work on the between the legs dribble. The athlete should begin in a good athletic stance, with both feet on a line. While dribbling a ball the player quickly splits his/her feet and goes between the legs with the dribble. 

Between the Legs

The between the legs dribble has become one of the most useful dribbles in basketball. The exceptional player can use a between the legs to change directions and go by a defender. The good shooter can use it to set up a shot. And all players should learn it so they can create space against pressure defenders.

Dribble Handoff to Ball Screen

Here are two examples of the dribble handoff to ball screen that is a part of the Mike D'Antoni "7 Seconds or Less" early offence system.

Crab Dribble

To execute a crab dribble the ball-handler turns his/her back to the defender and dribbles the ball with their hand furthest from the defender looking up the floor over their lead shoulder.  The dribble is bounced near the back foot, usually with a "step-slide" footwork.