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Pop Back and Pop Back Attack

As players advance to higher levels of play they must develop the ability to create space with the dribble.  The space created will enable them to attack a defender in either direction, get a shot off, or create space to make a pass. The "pop back" is a dribble technique used to create space. 


Chair Bangs

This is an example of a drill in which multiple skills can be practiced.  Noted skills coach Ganon Baker uses this drill to get repetitions on ball-handling, stopping, pivoting, 1 on 1 play and finishing.

Juggles-Crossover and Between Legs

All great dribblers dribble the basketball hard to ensure the ball spends less time in the air and more time in their hands.  Juggles, are drills from Skill Instructor Jay Hernandez, and are a great way to practice dribbling hard. 


Keep the Dribble Alive Drill

One player is the dribbler and the other is the defender. The object of the drill is for the dribbler to keep dribbling against intense pressure from the defender.

Cat and Mouse Dribbling Drill

The focus of the drill is to work on a low, hard change of direction dribble. It also helps the offensive player to react quickly to the defensive player.


Pounds with Tennis Ball Pass

This drill is great for coordination and improving ball-handling ability. Each player begins with a basketball and one tennis ball between the two of them. A pound dribble, as shown in the video clip, or an inside-out dribble, should be used.