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Circle Lay-up Drill

"Circle lay-ups" is a simple drill to get a high volume of lay-ups in a short amount of time. It would serve as a great warm-up drill in practice.

2 Up-Back-Attack

The great dribblers have the ability to create space from their defender by going quickly from a closed stance to an open stance. 

Mini Inside-Outs

The ability to manipulate the basketball when dribbling, by moving the hand, lays the foundation for a number of dribble moves. Inside-outs, crossover dribbles, behind the backs and spin dribbles are examples of dribble moves where the ball is controlled by the subtle movement of the hand. 

Arizona St. Full-Court Ball-handling

Arizona State University Men's Team worked on their ball-handling skills in each of the three practices I attended.  This drill was done by all players not just the perimeter players.

2 Ball Pounds and Alternating Pounds

An important aspect of successful dribbling is pushing the ball into the floor hard.  Pounding the ball into the floor hard means the ball will spend more time in the dribbler's hand and less time in the air.  All of the great dribblers in the world dribble the ball hard.

Attack Mentality-How to Dribble Drive

Here are three critical points for players when driving on a defender: