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Team Passing Tag

Here is great game for 9-12 year olds to work on reading the floor, passing and change of direction movement.

Team Box Tag with Passing

This is a very challenging variation of the Team Box Tag game in the agility section but with a basketball added. The "runners" will have the basketball, and the rule is the person with the basketball cannot be tagged. Also, dribbling is not allowed. 

Crossfire One

Crossfire One is a drill from Mario Blasone's The Triple Threat book, available at the FIBA Europe site.  The drill will help develop the player's dribbling, passing and driving ability. 

Circle the Cones Game

Here is a fun game for young players to work on their ball-handling skills. Divide your team up into groups of 2 or 3 players and spread as many cones as you have out on the basketball court. Socks, ripped up t-shirts, crumbled paper will all work.

Four Corners Game

Here is a fun dribbling game for the younger Steve Nash Youth League players that works on speed dribbling and their listening skills.

Pick-up and Chase

Most young athletes love pursuit games. "Pick-up and Chase" helps young athletes work on their speed, while dribbling and shooting lay-ups. It also can help them realize the benefits of faking.