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Princeton Off-Dribble At-Backdoor

The dribble in basketball is generally used to 1) advance the ball up the floor, 2) take the ball to the basket or 3) to improve passing angles/lanes. However in the Princeton Offence the dribble is a required skill because it keys various actions.

"Hot Knife Through Butter"

Typically young players, when they are dribbling the ball up court, will slow down and turn their back as they get close to the defender. Instead what they should attempt to do is to go faster as they get closer to the defender.

Dribbling-How to Practice

One of the fundamental skills of basketball is dribbling the ball. Having a team of players who are all capable of dribbling the basketball is a luxury few teams have.

The Killer Crossover

The basic crossover dribble is one of the most effective dribble moves is and is usually taught to players early in their careers.  However to make a "killer" crossover dribble move that can "break the ankle" of the opponent several subtle points need to be addressed.

Inside Out Dribble

One of the first dribble moves players should learn is the inside-out dribble. In the attached video clip watch how the New Jersey Nets, Devon Harris, executes it perfectly to successfully attack the basket. 

Crossover to Runner

An outstanding example of a crossover dribble followed by a runner is executed by Marquette University's Dominic James in the attached video clip.