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Combo Drill-Pivot 11

This is a fun, fast paced, competitive game for youth teams that helps improve footwork, ball-handling, and lay-ups.

Youth-Dribbling-Lateral Dribble Read

Here is a simple drill to help players to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling plus working on their power lay-ups, pull-up jump shots and crossover dribbles.

Youth-Alternate Dribbling & Speed Dribble Game

The fastest way to speed dribble, when their is no defender in front of them, is to alternate the dribbling hands (left to right or right left) so players take as few dribbles as possible when dribbling up the court. Watch this clip

Change of Pace Dribbling-Zones

Change of pace dribble is rarely used by young players. The common strategy for the youth player is to try and beat their opponent with speed in an attempt to simply dribble away from the defender.

Inside-Out Dribble Drills

The inside-out dribble is one all players should have in their repertoire. Here is a simple way to drill multiple repetitions of the inside-out dribble. 

Youth Dev.-Inside-Out Dribble Action, A Critical skill!!

To be an effective ball-handler players must learn to maneuver the ball so they can position their hand on the inside, outside, front or back of the ball.