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Dribbling - Hesitation Dribble w/Gallop Footwork

Hesitation dribbles can be executed several different ways: stop on one foot and go, skip and go, stutter step and go, and gallop step and go.

Youth Dev.-Dribbling - Dribble Knockaway

Dribble Knockaway is one the staples of youth basketball for athletes aged 6-10 years of age.

Dribbling - The Roll Crossover

In some situations a dribbler needs to use a crossover dribble when running down the floor.  The 'roll crossover' should be used in this situation to allow the dribbler to maintain speed or even speed up and to protect the ball from the defender.

Youth Dev.-Dribbling-'Bird on a Wire'

Here is a good, fun pursuit game for kids 7-10 years of age; it will help improve players dribbling ability and their agility.  

Dribbling-Walking Btw Legs

As young players learn to dribble the basketball they gradually learn to control the ball and to move the ball where they want.

Youth Dev-Coordination-Dribble Skips

This is a good warm-up activity that can be done with 6-12 year old basketball players. In the attached clip, Coach Allison McNeill, is having a group of Gr. 2-3 girls dribbling across the width of the floor executing dribble skips.