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Ladder Drills and Basketball Skills

For youth players ladder drills are great activities to help develop coordination in a fun and challenging way.  However, you can combine ladder work with basketball skills.  To see a number of ladder drills go to and click on Video Clip Library > Categories > Agility Training.

Though the possibilities are endless here are two examples:

Maravich Drills

Basketball Hall of Fame member, the late Pete Maravich was taught this group of ball-handling drills by his father Press.  Known as the "Maravich Drills", these are a fun way for kids to become more familiar with the ball and improve their coordination, hand quickness and dribbling ability. 

Behind the Back-Tennis Ball Toss

The window of opportunity for kids to maximize coordination development is between the ages of 7-14, with the most crucial period between 10-13 years of age. The nervous system is the key to coordination and it is during the pre-adolescent years when the nervous system is most capable of being

Coordination Development-Kinesthetic Differentiation

How can a football quarterback be so accurate passing to receivers cutting across and down the field? Why is it that some basketball players can shoot from long range with incredible accuracy? Young athletes have difficulty determining how much power to put behind a throw/jump/shot, etc. to accomplish the task at hand. As an example, young players do not know how much force to put behind a pass to a teammate cutting to the basket. 

Triangle Footwork

Youth coaches must always spend time each practice working on their player's ABC'S (agility, balance, coordination, speed). This is a simple drill to work on the speed component using defensive sliding, sprinting and backpedaling. The drill can be competitive by matching players up against each other or just work on the footwork.  

The first players in each line will place their inside foot on the lane line.  On the command "go!" each player slides towards the corner. 

X Tennis Ball Catches

This is a fun and very challenging drill to help improve your player's coordination and hand quickness.  The player will get into a good athletic stance and hold a tennis ball in each hand at waist level.