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Youth Dev.-Coordination-Toss and Rebound

Youth coaches must constantly work to develop the athleticism of their players.  During each practice time should be spent at the beginning of practice to help develop various athletic qualities and help their young players become the best athletes they can be.

Maravich Drill-Single Leg Circles

Here is another Maravich drill to help improve the coordination and hand speed of young athletes.  Players assume a lunge position and will circle the basketball as quickly as they can around the shin of leg extended forward. 

Ball Circles

This is an excellent drill for developing hand quickness and coordination. 

Duck Under

This is a fun drill for kids; it helps develop change of direction skill and a sense of timing. 

Circle Game

The ability to handle the ball at full speed and then finish shots at full speed is necessary for all players.  The following two games place players in situations where they will (likely) go at a high pace because of the competitive nature of the games. 

The Athletic Stance-"Don't Tell Them to Bend Their Knees"

It is difficult to be successful in sport without a proper athletic stance or posture.  By nature, most sports require movement; this movement begins from an 'athletic stance."  And while we would like every young athlete be able to naturally assume a proper athletic stance, the reality is that some kids are not blessed with natural "athleticism" and do not automatically "get into stance."