High School

High School

Youth-Transition-3 on 0 Transition

3 on 0 Transition is an incredibly simple drill that helps to develop two important concepts for young players to understand: 1) run the wings wide and 2) pass the ball ahead to open teammates. 

Youth Dev-Transition-3 on 0 Run the Circle

As discussed in the article Youth Development-Transition-'Run the Wings Wide' (http://bit.ly/12PS58I) it is important for coaches to teach the 


SLOB-Short Shot Clock-Michigan

Here is a short shot clock, sideline out of bounds play Michigan used in their recent NCAA Elite 8 game vs. Florida.  

Free Throw-Offensive Rebounding

There are situations at the end of the game when teams need to miss an free throw and secure the offensive rebound. Below are examples strategies that may work.

Special Situations-Free Throw Blockout

At most levels of plays at least 25% of the free throws taken in games are missed. Therefore defensive rebounding in free throw situations, though it takes little time, is something that should be practiced by teams.

Set Play-French Diagonal Zipper

The French Women's Olympic Team included this set play in their offensive package last summer.