High School

High School

Take a Charge in Practice Rule

Thompson Rivers University Head Coach, Scott Clark has a rule that whenever a player takes a charge

Post Play-Step and a 1/2

Similar to the Step Through move, which can also be found in the Post Play section of the Coaches Clipboard, the "Step and a ½" adds the drive up of the leg on the shooting side (the ½ step) to the move.   

Defence-4 on 4 Chase Drill

This is a great drill simple to get repetitions on defending flare screens, pin downs, and wing ball screens.


Horns-Staggered Ball Screen Empty Side

Here is another version of a Horns play with a staggered ball screen.  This play is especially effective against a team that hard hedges on the second ball screen.

Horns-Staggered Ball Screen

Typically the Horns set has the point guard in the middle of the floor, with the option of coming off either post to the outside. In this action, the point guard begins on the side of the floor and comes across the floor, using a staggered ball screen.

Set Play - French Double Stagger

The French Women's National Team ran this double stagger set out of a 1-4 alignment.