High School

High School

Combo Drill-3 on 3 Back to Back

Here is another good combo drill from Renato Pasquali, Technical Director for Canada Basketball.

Guards 'Rebound Down'

Rebounding often determines the outcome in basketball games. In many cases, a team may not shoot well from the perimeter but is able to secure a number of offensive rebounds resulting in easy put backs, leading to victory.

BLOB vs. Zone - Double Pin

In this clip the Canadian Women's Olympic Team executes a double pin screen vs. Japan's 2-3 zone in a baseline out of bounds play.

Zone Offence-Post Up the Middle

When a high ball screen happens against a 2-3 zone it often creates a 1 on 1 situation in the post.

Principle of Play-Dribble At to Back-cut

One of the more common mistakes by players is to stand when a teammate dribbles directly at them. It almost seems players become paralyzed and do not know what to do. The solution is simple - back-cut to the basket.

Program Development-Being a Good Teammate

I always find it unusual that at high school games we see very little physical contact between teammates.