High School

High School

Defence-Challenging Shots

Shooting percentages are significantly reduced when the defender gets up and challenges (or contests) the shot by the offensive player.  

Dribbling-Walking Btw Legs

As young players learn to dribble the basketball they gradually learn to control the ball and to move the ball where they want.

Rebounding-Two 2 on 2 Rebounding Drills

When a shot goes up defenders must either block out or pursue the rebound immediately, doing neither is not an option. Here are two challenging rebounding drills that require great effort and intensity.

Pick & Roll Offence-Iverson to Middle

Middle pick and roll action is very difficult to defend because it is often difficult for the defenders to determine where to bring their help from when the ball is in the middle of the floor.  Here is a quick hitting, P&R set from the NY Knicks.

SLOB-Misdirection 3

This is a sideline out of bounds play with misdirection action and may get a 3 pt. shot or a high-low action.

Motion-Fade the Down Screen

Whether teams run a motion offence, floppy action, or just include down screens in their sets, players using the screen need to learn to read their defender to make the action effective.