High School

High School

Duke Pepper Passing Drill

The attached video clip is a simple passing drill Duke University uses in their warm-up. 

"Rotate Up" on Penetration

Watch the video clip and notice how the wing defender helps "down hill" (moves down towards the baseline) on the penetration from the top.

Figure 8 Shooting Drill

This is a simple shooting drill that can be done individually or with a team.

Villanova Closeout Drill

Start with a player in each corner and a player on each wing. One of the players in a corner starts with the ball, in


1 on 1 Dribble Out/Sprint Out

Here is a great drill to work on finishing at full speed against a defender. 

3 vs. 6 Full Court Drill

The 3 vs. 6 Full Court Drill is one of my favourites because of the tremendous number of benefits gained from using it.  Watch the video clip at the bottom and recognize the value.