High School

High School


Typically in Horns sets the post player, whose screen is used by the point guard, rolls to the basket.  However, many teams will always dive the better inside player of the two screeners no matter which screen the point guard uses.

Horns-Ball Screen to Ball Screen

In this Horns set run by the Greek Women's National Team at the 2010 World Championships they used the ball screen/ball screen action to create a pick and pop situation.

Pick & Roll Play-Slip Screens

One of the more common ways to defend ball screens is to hard hedge i.e. the screener's defender steps into the ball-handler's direct path to lane and initially forces the ball-handler away from the basket.

Youth-Read the Defence-Pass & Cut

Coaches should introduce the concept of reading defenders early in player's development.  For players to be successful they must be aware of how they are being played when they are away from the ball.

Continuity Pick and Roll Offence

Here is a simple continuity wing pick and roll offence that can be used as an offence or simply to teach wing pick and roll concepts. 

Duke Full-Court Passing Drill

The Duke Passing Drill is a very fundamental drill that emphasizes vision, communication, and passing skills. Partners will start in opposite corners about 10-12 feet apart with one ball.