High School

High School

Cal Screen the Screener

In short shot clock situations it is advantageous to have more than one option.  This BLOB has three quick scoring options off one pass.

4 Low Cross

When you have a size advantage in short shot clock situations it is often wise to use a lob pass.

Great Britain DHO

Here is a great set with lots of movement from the British Women's Olympic Team.  The play incorporates several dribble hand-offs (DHO) and a down screen to free a perimeter player for a 17' jump shot.

Youth - Basketball Football

Basketball Football is a great game to work on the player's ability to pass the ball. 

Defence-Switching America's Play

America's Play is cross screen-down screen action, where a post player is brought to the ball-side block, with a cross screen by a smaller player, and the small then comes off a down screen by a second post player.

N. Iowa Diagonal Up

In the 2010 NCAA Championships Northern Iowa advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. This is one the sets they ran.