High School

High School

BLOB vs. Zone-45 Cross

The first action is O2 breaking down the middle and then out to the weak-side corner. O4 will try and pin in the weak-side low defender.

Set Play-Lithuanian Double Single

The Lithuanian Women's National Team ran this set play during the recent EuroBasket.

Getting Open on Your Own

This is an area that is overlooked in teaching basketball but is absolutely vital to a team's offensive success. When playing against teams that put great denial pressure and do not allow entry passes players must have techniques or tactics to get open.

Shoot Free Throws Like Steve Nash

Most golfers will take 1 or 2 practice strokes before attempting to putt the ball into the hole.

Horns-Back Screen to Lob

The Phoenix Suns ran this quick hitting lob play out of the Horns set but with a few adjustments to the normal Horns alignment.

Double Screen vs. Full Court Pressure

Using a double screen the Russian team used a simple entry vs. full court man to man pressure to inbound the ball.