High School

High School

The Step-Up Ball Screen

Wing ball screens where the screener comes up from the baseline and are set on the baseline side of the defender are called Step-Up screens.

Passing-Creating Triangles

To be an effective passer, players have to understand how to creates triangles with teammates so passing lanes can be opened.  

Ball Screen Defence-Squeeze

A common defensive strategy on ball screens is the "squeeze"; this is when the screener's defender bodies up against the screener, and allows the ball-handler's defender to go under both

Isolation Play-GB Post

Here is a quick hitting isolation play the Great Britain Women's Olympic Team ran last summer. 

Youth-Transition Offence-Breakout Dribble

Concept - No one in front of me-attack the basket

  1. 1. 1 on 0 - Breakout dribble


Zone Set-"Punch"

"Punch" is a zone set that would be effective most zone defences and match-ups.