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Riley Conditioning Test

The Riley Test is made up of 6 sets of 5 "down and back" runs.

Youth Dev.-Agility Cone Game

Agility can be defined as the ability to stop, start and change direction. Here is a fun drill to work on young player's agility.

Youth-Agility Cutting Drills

Basketball players will change direction countless times during the course of a game. But unfortunately most coaches do nothing to help develop these skills in their athletes.

Change of Pace Crossover

The attached clip shows an excellent change of pace crossover by Croatian player, Andja Jelavic. When you watch the clip look for the factors described below that made the move so effective.

Conditioning Test 4 x 17s

This test was run by the "old" Seattle Supersonics (NBA) and the Seattle Storm (WNBA) as a conditioning test. Run the width of the basketball court, sideline to sideline, 17 times. Over and back equals two repetitions.

Youth Dev-Coordination-180 Jumps

'180 Jumps' are a great drill for the 6-9 year olds and can be included in the warm-up of youth practices.  '180 Jumps' will help improve balance, strength (leg and core) and coordination; as well it reinforces a good athletic stance.