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Pass Fakes

Pass faking is an underused skill in basketball; a great principle to follow is  "fake a pass, to make a pass." Pass faking can create lanes to pass directly through a defender; an example would be to fake high and pass low. 

Partner Fundamentals with Defenders

At a recent Basketball BC Pre-Season Clinic, Mike Morgan, the Senior Boys' Coach at Carson Graham Secondary showed this drill.  It is an excellent drill to work on the ability to pass through pressure, pivot vs. pressure and get open against pressure.

Elbow Isolation

 Isolation plays should be a part of elite team's offensive package.  Isolation plays can be used to take advantage of mismatches or to attack a defender who is in foul trouble.

Back Screen Lob

Lob or "alley-oop" plays either come off back cuts or back screens.  This one comes off a back screen at the high post with the back side of the court emptied.  "Back screen lob" is very simple and only involves one screen and two passes. 

The Relay Pass and the Reverse Seal

Unfortunately, in basketball, only one assist may be awarded on a basket.  However, it is often the "pass that leads to the pass" that is more critical. We often refer this as a "relay pass" or a "Gretzky", the player is seeing one pass ahead, and passes to the player who will pass to the shooter.

Passing-Diamond Passing/Pass Ahead Drill

While the skill of passing must be practiced, it is the decision-making of when and where to pass the ball, that makes the great passer.  Here are two drills that put young players in a situation where they must read the defender(s) and make the appropriate pass.