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40 Passes Game

Along with helping improve the player's ability to pass under pressure, pivot, and move without the ball "40 Passes" is excellent for helping increase intensity, competitiveness, and aggression in players.

Partner Passing

Bo Ryan, the Head Coach at University of Wisconsin, uses this basic drill and credits it in helping establish a good assist to turnover ratio.

Pressured Entries Drill

Pressured Entries is a good drill to work on player's ability to make entry passes to the wing vs. pressure. 

4 on 3 Lane Passing Drill

This is a great drill for players to work on their ability to pass in traffic and against pressure. The skills of pass faking, pivoting, and looking off your pass should all be used by the offensive players in this drill. 

The 5 Passing Windows

Possibly the most overlooked skill in basketball is passing.  While most players have the skill to pass to players on the perimeter, the ability to pass "through" defenders, into the heart of the defence, is often significantly lacking.

Passing - 4 Lane 2 Ball Fundamental Drill

4 Lane 2 Ball Fundamental Drill is a great drill to work on running and catching, passing to a moving target, and passing and cutting. O1 and O4 will run the outside lane down the floor as passers.  O2 and O3 move down the inside lanes and will receive passes from O1 and O4. The balls will be passed to O2 and O3 in the middle, they pass the ball back and then cut away from the ball, through the middle, and receive a pass from the other passer. All four players go the length of the floor in this pattern. At the other end of the floor the players switch roles. The basketballs should not hit the floor and the players should not travel.  Initially as players learn the drill you may allow one dribble.