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2 Player Partner Passing

Two players, O1 and O2, start about 12-15 feet apart along the baseline.  O1 has a ball and O2 runs down the floor.  At about 20 feet O2 breaks back to the ball and receives a pass from O1 with a jump stop and then pivots to look up the floor. 


Team Passing Tag

Here is great game for 9-12 year olds to work on reading the floor, passing and change of direction movement.

Team Box Tag with Passing

This is a very challenging variation of the Team Box Tag game in the agility section but with a basketball added. The "runners" will have the basketball, and the rule is the person with the basketball cannot be tagged. Also, dribbling is not allowed. 

Crossfire One

Crossfire One is a drill from Mario Blasone's The Triple Threat book, available at the FIBA Europe site.  The drill will help develop the player's dribbling, passing and driving ability. 

Catching Concept-"Run Through the Ball"

An important concept that needs to be taught to all players is to "run through the ball."

Pick-up and Chase

Most young athletes love pursuit games. "Pick-up and Chase" helps young athletes work on their speed, while dribbling and shooting lay-ups. It also can help them realize the benefits of faking.