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Pass thru Pressure to 1 on 1

This is a great drill with lots of benefits including passing through pressure, getting open vs. denial defence and 1 on 1 play.

Circle Passing

An excellent drill to re-enforce several important concepts and skills: vision, communication, ready position, moving after you pass, spacing and push passes.

Slalom Dribbling

This is a competitive drill that gives the players the opportunity to practice dribbling and lay-ups at a high pace.  Place three cones in each ½ court as shown in the diagram. 

2 Lane Passing Drills

Passing and catching on the move is often a challenge for young players because of strength and coordination. However it is such an important part of the game that it must be practiced each practice. 2 Lane Passing is easily organized and with modifications can be made more challenging for players.

"Pass and Go Behind"

Here is a very good passing drill for youth players. In the "Pass and Go Behind" drill coaches should emphasize players having target hands up "with 10 fingers to the sky" with the body in a good athletic stance. 

Circle Dribble Chase Game

Circle Dribble Chase is a fun drill for youth players that combine passing, dribbling, and competition.  Place cones or chairs around the outside to form a big circle.