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Triangle Passing Drill

This drill helps players improve their ability to pass through pressure.  Pass fakes and pivoting skills must be used if the players are to be successful and through regular practice the players will begin to be comfortable when trapped in games.

Messina Drill

There are a variety of skills that are practiced in the Messina Drill.  Four balls and at least 8 players are needed for this drill.

Passing & Catching Skills

After witnessing many international games over the last few years it has become painfully evident that as a nation Canada is one of the poorer passing countries in the world. 

Pass and Slide Relay

This is a good drill for young athletes because it incorporates a fundamental movement skill with passing. 

Argentina Passing Drill

Want a fast paced warm-up drill to get your players moving, talking and passing?  Try the Argentina Passing Drill.

Name Passing

This drill encourages players to talk while working on their passing and catching skills, as well as helping their coordination.