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3 Player Pressure Passing

Passing can be one of the more difficult skills to work on but here is a simple but effective drill from Canada Basketball's Technical Director, Renato Pasquali.

Youth - Basketball Football

Basketball Football is a great game to work on the player's ability to pass the ball. 

Youth-Cutting/Moving Without the Ball - Fill the Spot

Youth players generally have a tendency to stand and call for the ball. To help remedy this habit early in their basketball development players must be encouraged to move in relation to the position of the ball and their teammates, while keeping 15 foot spacing with teammates.

Youth-Read the Defence-Pass & Cut

Coaches should introduce the concept of reading defenders early in player's development.  For players to be successful they must be aware of how they are being played when they are away from the ball.

Duke Full-Court Passing Drill

The Duke Passing Drill is a very fundamental drill that emphasizes vision, communication, and passing skills. Partners will start in opposite corners about 10-12 feet apart with one ball. 

Duke Pepper Passing Drill

The attached video clip is a simple passing drill Duke University uses in their warm-up.