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Passing-"Lions in the Cage"

Here is a great drill to help improve your player's skills in passing through pressure and handling trapping defences. 

Youth Development-Push Pass

The push pass is mostly used to pass around defenders when being closely guarded. Watch the clip of Australia's Lauren Jackson passing around a Russian defender into the post.

Behind the Back Passing Drills

Though not often recommended, a behind the back pass, at times, has its place. 

Passing-4 Corner Passing vs. Defense

Here is a good passing drill from Canada Basketball's Technical Director, Renato Pasquali. The drill is similar to Mike Morgan's Shooting Gallery drill - . However, rather than being stationary, the passers will now be moving and must pass off the dribble.

YD-Passing-3 Player Gauntlet

Mike Morgan shows another excellent drill for helping developing passing skills in young players. 

1 Ball and 2 Ball Passing Warm-up

Here is a great series warm-up passing drills. Each of these drills can be done for about 30-60 seconds and will help improve hand-eye coordination, ball-handling, dexterity, and confidence.