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Youth Dev.-Footwork-Being Dynamic

Watch the clip of the Japan Women's National Team and notice how every player catches the ball with their feet in the air.

Shooting-Step Back to Shot

As defensive ability and intensity increases players offensive players need to develop the ability to create space to get their shot away. The step back move is a skill that most good players use get away from their defender and then raise up into their shot.

Finishing - Outside-Inside Stop

Footwork is the most undertaught skill in basketball. The ability for players to stop on balance and pivot both, quickly and efficiently, help make a player a greater threat to score.  

Dribbling-Walking Btw Legs

As young players learn to dribble the basketball they gradually learn to control the ball and to move the ball where they want.

Rebounding-Two 2 on 2 Rebounding Drills

When a shot goes up defenders must either block out or pursue the rebound immediately, doing neither is not an option. Here are two challenging rebounding drills that require great effort and intensity.

Youth Dev-Coordination-Dribble Skips

This is a good warm-up activity that can be done with 6-12 year old basketball players. In the attached clip, Coach Allison McNeill, is having a group of Gr. 2-3 girls dribbling across the width of the floor executing dribble skips.