High School

High School


Here is a fun drill to improve player's hand quickness.

Transition Defence-Floor Balance is Key

Watching these clips of the Indiana Pacers and the Portland Trailblazers giving up fast break lay-ups and it is very clear that poor floor balance leads to poor transition defence.  

Principle of Play- Space Deep

Spacing is possibly the most important offensive principle of play. One aspect of spacing that is often overlooked is how deep the perimeter players should be spaced.

1 on 1 with Passer - Weak-side Cut

The cutter, O1, starts one step outside the 3 pt. line and the defender one step inside the 3 pt. line.  A passer in on the opposite wing with a ball.  There are players or, ideally, coaches standing one step on either side of the cutter.
The drill begins when one of the coaches puts out his hand.  This keys the defender to touch the outstretched hand and the cutter to cut.  The cutter must read the defender either face cut or back cut based on which is put out.
The drill gives the opportunity for the cutter to read the defender and make the appropriate cut.  It also gives the passer to anticipate the cut.  The passer should be watching the movement of the defender as he/she should do in a game.  Based on the defender's movement the passer can anticipate the cut by the cutter.
Anticipation is better than reaction - this drill gives an opportunity to anticipate the movement by reading the defender.

Here is a great drill from former Canada Basketball Technical Director, Renato Pasquali, to help develop the skill of reading the defender.  

1 on 1 with the Coach

Here is a 1 on 1 decision-making drill from former Technical Director for Canada Basketball, Renato Pasquali.

Defence-Defensive Perfection Drill