Youth Dev-Passing-Shooting Gallery

Mike Morgan, Basketball BC's U15 Provincial Team Coach and Sr. Boy's Coach at Carson Graham, showed this great passing drill for young players at the recent Basketball BC Youth Coaching Conference.

Inbounding Game 3 on 3

At younger levels inbounding the basketball from both the sideline and baseline will occur frequently and can be challenging.

Youth Dev.-Are your players practicing with both sides of their body?

Is is really that important that you have your players practice right and left hand dribbling, right and left foot pivoting, right and left hand lay-ups and right and left hand passing?  Well it is if you want them to be the best they can be!! 

Youth Dev - Baseball

Following a "Games Approach", "Baseball" is a fun game for kids to play and work on several basketball skills.  One team is designated the fielding team and the second team is at bat.  The coach will be the pitcher.

4 on 4 with a Coach

One of the difficult tasks for coaches of kids just learning to play the game of basketball is how to get kids with the ball, to do anything but dribble (usually to the right hand corner), and for the kids away from the ball not to run at the ball and scream at the player with the ball.

Youth-Cutting/Moving Without the Ball - Fill the Spot

Youth players generally have a tendency to stand and call for the ball. To help remedy this habit early in their basketball development players must be encouraged to move in relation to the position of the ball and their teammates, while keeping 15 foot spacing with teammates.