YD-Passing-3 Player Gauntlet

Mike Morgan shows another excellent drill for helping developing passing skills in young players. 

Youth Dev-5 in a Line Toss Drill

Preamble: Coaches, this is a great drill; the kids love it, there is a lot of skill development and decision-making. It can be used by teams Grade 4+. "5 in a Line Toss Drill" should be a staple of all youth practices!! 

Youth Dev-Coordination-180 Jumps

'180 Jumps' are a great drill for the 6-9 year olds and can be included in the warm-up of youth practices.  '180 Jumps' will help improve balance, strength (leg and core) and coordination; as well it reinforces a good athletic stance.

Youth Dev-Passing-2 Player Gauntlet

Here is a great passing drill for youth coaches from Mike Morgan, Sr. Boys' Coach at Carson Graham SS.  "2 Player Gauntlet" helps players develop the ability to pass off the dribble, to "drive and kick"

Motion-Why Back Screens Should be the First Screening Action You Teach

All coaches who try to improve their player's understanding and development in basketball eventually must introduce screening off the ball. But which screen should be taught first? 

Movement Skills Warm-up Using a Square Grid

Youth coaches should be spending about 10 minutes of each 1 hour practice on helping their athletes develop their movement skills, the children need to be trained as athletes first and basketball players second.  By enhancing the children's athleticism we have a significantly better chance to help them develop their basketball skills.