Youth Development-1,2,3 Shooting Game

With children in the early years of playing basketball, particularly the Grade 2, 3 and 4 kids, complex shooting drills and games with larger numbers of players are not beneficial.

Youth-Dribbling-Lateral Dribble Read

Here is a simple drill to help players to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling plus working on their power lay-ups, pull-up jump shots and crossover dribbles.

Youth-Alternate Dribbling & Speed Dribble Game

The fastest way to speed dribble, when their is no defender in front of them, is to alternate the dribbling hands (left to right or right left) so players take as few dribbles as possible when dribbling up the court. Watch this clip

Youth-Triangle Passing

The ability to pass the ball with either hand and using either foot as a pivot should be developed in all players. If these are taught when players are young it will set them up for greater success later.


10 Things for a Youth Coach to Consider

Here is a great list for all youth coaches to reflect on:

YD-Coordination-Team Ball Toss

Generally speaking, for all sports, there is no more important physical capacity than coordination. In basketball, shooting the ball properly, passing the ball with both hands with accuracy and velocity, and making effective dribble moves all require tremendous coordination.