Youth-Agility Cutting Drills

Basketball players will change direction countless times during the course of a game. But unfortunately most coaches do nothing to help develop these skills in their athletes.

Youth-Shooting Game-"Buckets"

Here is a "fun" shooting game for young players. 

Youth-Teaching Players to Shift Weight

Youth coaches must dedicate time in each practice helping their players become better athletes. An example would be spending time teaching your young players to shift their weight during dribble moves.

Youth Dev.-Toss, Sweep & Read

Here is another great drill from Renato Pasquali, Canada Basketball's Technical Director. 

Youth-Dribbling - Foster's 1 on 1

Foster's 1 on 1 Drill is a great drill from Basketball BC Youth Summit presenter, Brian McCormick. The drill is used to develop young player's ability to attack a defender, in the open court, with the dribble.

Youth-Dribble Out Read Coach

Here is a combination drill from Canada Basketball's Technical Director, Renato Pasquali. The drills works on dribbling with the eyes up, passing and cutting.