Pass Fakes

Pass faking is an underused skill in basketball; a great principle to follow is  "fake a pass, to make a pass." Pass faking can create lanes to pass directly through a defender; an example would be to fake high and pass low. 

Team Box Tag

Coaches should try to do everything they can to improve their player's athletic qualities. Speed expert, Lee Taft says "tag is possibly the greatest teacher of athleticism." 

"Makes and Perfects"

Here is a suggestion from shooting coach, Nick Nurse.  He has his campers take lots of shots close to the basket.  The shooters should be trying to have perfect form. 

Guide Hand/Arm Position

Coaches need to spend a great deal of time working on improving the shot mechanics of their players.  One of the areas of the shot that often needs attention is the movement of the guide hand and arm.

Developing Touch

If you look closely at the clips of all of these outstanding shooters (Diana Turasi, Ray Allen and Stephen Curry) you will notice their hand "bounces" or "quivers" after the ball is released.  This movement of their hand, at the end of the shot, indicates there is no tension in their fingers, wrist, or forearm. 

Elbow Isolation

 Isolation plays should be a part of elite team's offensive package.  Isolation plays can be used to take advantage of mismatches or to attack a defender who is in foul trouble.