1-2 Stop or 2 Foot Jump Stop

There are two methods of stopping prior to going into a shot: 1-2 stop or a 2 foot jump stop. 

"Elbow Under the Ball?"

The great shooters in the world have limited movement in their shoulders. There is no excessive tilting or turning of their shoulders. But one of the most common teaching points taught is to "have your elbow under the ball."

Keep the Dribble Alive Drill

One player is the dribbler and the other is the defender. The object of the drill is for the dribbler to keep dribbling against intense pressure from the defender.

Ball Handling - Split

This is a great drill to work on the between the legs dribble. The athlete should begin in a good athletic stance, with both feet on a line. While dribbling a ball the player quickly splits his/her feet and goes between the legs with the dribble. 

Footwork - Reverse Pivot

The video clip shows a classic example of a reverse pivot by Brazil's, and the Phoenix Suns', Leandro Barbosa.  As Nike Skills Instructor Ganon Baker says "your feet get your hands in position to make a play"

Continuous 1-on-1

Players need to play 1-on-1 in practice and in workouts.  In continuous 1-on-1 there is no "checking up top."