Partner Passing

Bo Ryan, the Head Coach at University of Wisconsin, uses this basic drill and credits it in helping establish a good assist to turnover ratio.

Inbounding 2 on 2

All players should learn to break man to man pressure with simple screening action.  Whether it is from the sideline or baseline learning to read this action will help athletes throughout their basketball career.

Battling Inconsistency-Keep Fingers Spread

Shooting the ball well involves two factors:

Hand Quickness-Tennis Ball Drops

Here is another great drill for improving reaction time, hand quickness, and reinforcing a good athletic stance. 

Scoring Move-Spin

The spin is very effective when the post player is being tightly guarded or against a physical post defender. 


One of common errors players make during shooting is a slow knee bend. A slow and, often deep, knee bend creates a slow shot and less leg power. The proper action is a quick knee bend with the hips going back and the knees tracking over the toes.