Organization and Teaching

Coaches of young athletes often look for strategies to assist them in the organization of their practice sessions.  How do I get my athletes to listen?  How do I get my athlete's attention? 

Chase the Rabbit

Youth coaches must devote some time every practice to building the athletic ability of their players. "Chase the Rabbit" helps develop player's speed and agility in an enjoyable way. 


Positive Coaching/Teaching

One goal for all coaches is to have their players return to the sport for the next season.  This is goal is especially applicable to youth coaches.  It is very disturbing that 70% of kids drop of sports by the age of 13 and never return. 

Numbers Game

The "Numbers Game" is a simple, competitive drill that is ideal and fun for youth teams.  Divide your team into two groups and line up each team on opposite baselines.  Each player is given a number which corresponds with a player on the other team. 

40 Passes Game

Along with helping improve the player's ability to pass under pressure, pivot, and move without the ball "40 Passes" is excellent for helping increase intensity, competitiveness, and aggression in players.

First Big Drill

Here is a drill from UBC Head Coach, Kevin Hanson, which focuses on the post players running the floor.  First Big Drill uses four players, two post players and two perimeter players, and requires these players to make two trips of the floor.