Coaching 6-8 Year Olds

Several of the Steve Nash Leagues around British Columbia have added younger players to their organizations.  With the younger players there are greater challenges for coaches to ensure the players are having fun and at the same time improving their athletic abilities and skills.  Here are some tips for coaching 6-8 year olds from a Basketball New Zealand publication:

Carolina Drill

This drill is a very fundamental drill that is great for young players and also serves as a great warm-up drill. 


Following a "Games Approach", "Baseball" is a fun game for kids to play and work on several basketball skills.  One team is designated the fielding team and the second team is at bat.  The coach will be the pitcher. 

Pick-up and Chase

Most young athletes love pursuit games. "Pick-up and Chase" helps young athletes work on their speed, while dribbling and shooting lay-ups. It also can help them realize the benefits of faking.

Stay in Front Drill

As has been discussed many times in this section of the Coaches Clipboard, it is important for Steve Nash Youth League coaches to spend time in every practice improving the athleticism and movement skills of the children under their supervision. 

Four Corner Pivot Drill

As Nike Skills Trainer, Ganon Baker says "the feet get the hands in position to make plays".  The challenge for coaches of very young player is to find ways to help their athletes work on their footwork in a fun way.