Offensive Concept-Spacing

Crisp ball movement can be difficult at all levels but at the youth level it is especially challenging because of poor skills and a lack of strength. 

Create a Break - 3 on 3

Many coaches run this drill in a 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 format.  For youth coaches "Create a Break" 3 on 3 is great because it will help the athletes develop the skills and understand the concepts necessary to run a fast break. With less traffic it is easier for young players to be successful in transition.

Four Corners Game

Here is a fun dribbling game for the younger Steve Nash Youth League players that works on speed dribbling and their listening skills.

Behind the Back-Tennis Ball Toss

The window of opportunity for kids to maximize coordination development is between the ages of 7-14, with the most crucial period between 10-13 years of age. The nervous system is the key to coordination and it is during the pre-adolescent years when the nervous system is most capable of being

2 Man V-Cut Drill

Here is a good drill to help young athletes with their timing, cutting, passing and lay-up skills.  Have 4-5 players per basket with two basketballs for the group.

4 on 4 on 4 Full-Court Go Drill

Divide your team into three teams of four players each, 'O', 'Red' and 'X'.  The 'O' team will bring the ball down court vs. two defenders from the 'Red' team, R1 and R2, who begin already back on defence.  R3 and R4 will join the play as soon as the ball crosses the mid-court line.