Get Ups to Balance

Balance is critical in all sports and needs to be a part of warm-up in many of our youth basketball practices. "Get Ups to Balance" is a great, but simple, balance activity that kids enjoy.

Shooting on a Line

It is often difficult with young players to have them focus on shooting technique when they shoot at a basket. "Shooting on a Line" is an effective drill to take the focus away from making a basket to improving technique.

Circle the Cones Game

Here is a fun game for young players to work on their ball-handling skills. Divide your team up into groups of 2 or 3 players and spread as many cones as you have out on the basketball court. Socks, ripped up t-shirts, crumbled paper will all work.

Catching Concept-"Run Through the Ball"

An important concept that needs to be taught to all players is to "run through the ball."

Teaching Aggressive Play

Young players need to be taught early in their basketball career that the success in sport usually goes to the most aggressive and assertive players.

Decision Making - 3 vs. 1

This is a drill that Canadian Women's National Team Coach, Allison McNeill strongly advocates for youth coaches.