Youth Dev.-Coordination-Walking Figure 8

The Walking Figure 8 is an excellent coordination activity for young athletes. These kids, instructed by Allison McNeill, range from 6-8 years and you can see the varying degrees of ability.  

Youth Development-Improving Passing

Dan Becker, Basketball Manitoba's Technical Director, shared a simple rule he has instituted to improve passing with his Gr. 4-6 basketball players.

Youth Dev-Coordination-Dribble Skips

This is a good warm-up activity that can be done with 6-12 year old basketball players. In the attached clip, Coach Allison McNeill, is having a group of Gr. 2-3 girls dribbling across the width of the floor executing dribble skips.  

Quick Hitter-Bulls

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's National Team ran for a 3 pt. shot against both zone and man to man and is an extremely effective play if you have a good passing point guard.

Youth-Transition-'Run Wings Wide'

All team grades 4-7 should be encouraged to execute fast break basketball. But to successfully fast break a critical concept that should be taught early is for players to run the two outside lanes of the floor wide.

Youth Dev.-Receiving Inbounds Passes

Youth coaches can never take anything for granted when teaching their young players the basics of the game. One example is inbounding the ball, throughout the course of a basketball game the ball will be in-bounded frequently from both the baseline(s) and sideline(s).