Communication-"Talk in Bullets"

Coaches should use catch phrases or bullets to emphasize and describe important points of skills.  Bullets are short, descriptive phrases that make sense to players.

The Parent's Meeting

One of the common issues in youth sport today is the complaint about parental involvement. Parents complain about playing time, poor coaching, unfair treatment of their child, and most anything else you can think of. 

Teaching Decision-Making

For success in basketball, players must be astute "decision-makers."  Istvan Balyi, a co-author of the Long Term Athlete Development Resource Paper, ( recommends that youth players are introduced to decision-making between the ages of 8-11. 

Lay-up Progressions: 2 Step w/o Dribble and w/Dribble

When youth coaches begin teaching lay-ups it's a good idea to use progressions.  In the March '07 issue of the The Coaches Clipboard a drill called "High Five Lay-ups", which is an excellent starting step for teaching lay-ups was detailed.  Below are two more progressions that work well together to teach lay-ups.

Ladder Drills and Basketball Skills

For youth players ladder drills are great activities to help develop coordination in a fun and challenging way.  However, you can combine ladder work with basketball skills.  To see a number of ladder drills go to and click on Video Clip Library > Categories > Agility Training.

Though the possibilities are endless here are two examples:

Speed Myth-Lift Your Knees

Many coaches will instruct their kids to "lift their knees" when they want them to run faster. This is one of the poorest teaching points we can give athletes when we want them to run faster.